Team Dunstone's Connection's to Wadena

Posted by Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club on Mar 09 2021 at 11:57AM PST in 2016 Ball Season

Most area people know that 2nd Kirk Muyres grew up closest to Wadena in St. Gregor and did some junior curling in the club but some new ties to Wadena have been uncovered since the team decided to call Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club their home.

Matt Dunstone’s Family Connection to Wadena is his Great Great Grandpa Charlie Mould. Charlie Mould settled in Wadena, Sask from England. When Matt’s Great Great-Grandpa, Charlie Mould (born in 1899), was 14, he got into some sort of trouble with the law in England (no one seems to know exactly what happened) and was sent to “the colonies”. He ended up working on a farm near Wadena until he enlisted in the Army in 1915. When Matt’s family had a family reunion at Rose Lake, BC, in approximately 1980, Uncle Allen’s son (Matt’s Great Great Uncle), Derek, wrote a song about the family. The Mould Song is in the image of this story.

Braeden Moskowy’s connection to Wadena is more recent. According to Kelly Moskowy: “Little known fact is Saskatchewan Third Braeden has a connection to Wadena as his late Great Aunt (Agnes) and late Great Uncle (Wes) Ottmann were long time business owners in Wadena – Ottmann Meats.”

Although no relatives live in Wadena lead Dustin Kidby had curled a season with icemaker Scott Comfort. They curled with Brad Law on finished a couple wins from the Brier in 2011 in North Battleford. Dustins dad Dave played second on the team.


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