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Posted by Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club at Mar 9, 2021 2:03PM PST ( 0 Comments )

For as little as $100 you can get logo recognition in the Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club We offer in ice advertising, bonspiel sponsorships, scoreboard backlit signage, Junior Curling Program sponsorship, High Performance sponsorship, and more. Our full house rings are sold out at the moment but you can be added to the waiting list.


The Wadena World and Sask Curling Tour Men’s Superspeil is in search of a new title sponsor for December 2021 and beyond. Typically the first weekend in December the event has drawn many local talent along with some of Saskatchewan’s top teams AND some International flavour. Teams from China, and Scotland have attended the event, and the 2020 even had a Swedish team registered, before the travel restrictions prevented their attendance.

At the 2021 Tim Hortons Brier our club received plenty of publicity about the hospitality of the community and the quality of the ice. We do expect the added exposure to draw some more top notch teams to the event in 2021.

We can tailor our partnerships in a way that suits you but in the past we have offered the title sponsor:
-Naming rights of Event
-Exposure on all platforms, including WCT and Curlsask websites.
-Logo Design for Speil
-In Ice logo at club for Company
-In Ice logo for Bonspiel
-On Site display in lobby and direct marketing opportunity
-Sponsor logo and event logo on any streaming.
-Advertising during streaming.
-Live on air interview during streaming (Or ACCESS 7 broadcast if available).
-Signage and Print Advertising
-Display ONE ICE during Final game(s)

Other Packages:
-Streaming Advertisement (30 or 60 second ads).
-Sheet Sponsor
-Event Sponsor
-Promotional Product giveaways
-In Ice Advertising

The Last few years event was well received by sponsors, curlers, fans, and the club alike. Farmer’s Edge Regional Manager of Central Prairies Damon Johnson said “We couldn’t have asked for more through this local partnership with the Wadena Curling Club in bring this important Sask Curling Tour event to Wadena. Congratulations to Scott (Comfort), Lee (Johnson) and the entire club on a successful weekend and thank you for your hospitality.

2017 Event Champions, Jeff Hartung added “We have never been to a better SCT Event. Well organized, great food, exceptional ice, and friendly hospitality. We’ve always enjoyed coming to Wadena and will be back. It was great to see such great support from the sponsors and volunteers”.

We had 21 teams in the event last year and this years event which is way up from the 16 we had in past years showing the quality of the event, facility and thanks to our sponsorship.
Matt Dunstone (quote from Wadena News March 8, 2021): “We couldn’t have been happier to have settled into Wadena the last two weeks and been able to do this! Scotty said he was going to make some Brier-like ice for us and as soon as we heard that it was an absolute no brainer. He brought it; it was a great surface to play on, some awesome ice, and you know it was the perfect setting for us to get ready to go.”

Glen Muirhead: (We) Played in the Farmers Edge (WCT) event early December (2019)! Great event to play with great ice and superb hospitality from the town! Farm visits/tours/home cooked meals/bounce games! A real top effort, well recommended! Like our events in Scotland these spiels need supported! Thanks to all for a great trip, top class people.


Most area people know that 2nd Kirk Muyres grew up closest to Wadena in St. Gregor and did some junior curling in the club but some new ties to Wadena have been uncovered since the team decided to call Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club their home.

Matt Dunstone’s Family Connection to Wadena is his Great Great Grandpa Charlie Mould. Charlie Mould settled in Wadena, Sask from England. When Matt’s Great Great-Grandpa, Charlie Mould (born in 1899), was 14, he got into some sort of trouble with the law in England (no one seems to know exactly what happened) and was sent to “the colonies”. He ended up working on a farm near Wadena until he enlisted in the Army in 1915. When Matt’s family had a family reunion at Rose Lake, BC, in approximately 1980, Uncle Allen’s son (Matt’s Great Great Uncle), Derek, wrote a song about the family. The Mould Song is in the image of this story.

Braeden Moskowy’s connection to Wadena is more recent. According to Kelly Moskowy: “Little known fact is Saskatchewan Third Braeden has a connection to Wadena as his late Great Aunt (Agnes) and late Great Uncle (Wes) Ottmann were long time business owners in Wadena – Ottmann Meats.”

Although no relatives live in Wadena lead Dustin Kidby had curled a season with icemaker Scott Comfort. They curled with Brad Law on finished a couple wins from the Brier in 2011 in North Battleford. Dustins dad Dave played second on the team.

Hoodies $50

Posted by Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club at Mar 8, 2021 1:37PM PST ( 0 Comments )

$50 and you can have your own piece of Wadena curling history. These hoodies feature the Wadena Re/max Curling Club Remax Blue Chip Realty – Yorkton and Team Dunstone “Official Supplier – Practice Facility” logo in WHITE. you can pick any colour but note the light grey and white will not show the logo very well. We will be placing the order with Dynasty Curling Apparel March 16th, 2021 and it will be free pickup in Wadena. If you want your order shipped that will be at your cost.
Profit goes to Wadena Re/max Curling Club Junior Program.
If you would like a hoodie please Private Message us OR email

You can order any colour Hoodie BUT LOGO is only available in WHITE.

Kids Curling postponed

Posted by Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club at Mar 8, 2021 11:45AM PST ( 0 Comments )

There will be NOT kids curling today (March 8th) due to warm weather (and our plant is off). We are hopeful to get another couple days in if the weather cooperates.


Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club is officially home to Team Dunstone, Team Saskatchewan at the 2021 Tim Hortons Brier. Why Wadena you may ask? The short story is the team needed practice ice and we had it. The longer story is one those involved will never forget…

It all started with local curler and board member Dustin Mikush hearing that Team Dunstone was looking for ice, so he reached out out to Matt Dunstone. Wadena still had ice for their kids curling program so our club met the criteria… we had ice. The next steps were approval from Government, Curlsask, the local board, and finding the boys a place to stay. With all that in place and Remax Blue Chip Realty – Yorkton stepping up with a financial contribution it was a done deal.

When asked about the experience the team offered the following statement: “We are so grateful for everyone who made this possible and safe for our team and the community. From the club, to the powers that be, we are grateful for the opportunity to train safely in quarantine. It was a Dream camp. Thanks to everyone involved and Thank you Wadena!”

With the ice having been “natural ice” since November the board stepped up and approved turning the plant back on. Next the clubs title sponsor @RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty helped out with a financial contribution towards utility costs. Broker/Owner Robert Kozak says “Our family has been involved with the sport of curling all our lives and being able to help team Saskatchewan was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up”. Team Dunstone also contributed towards the utility costs, and with Scott Comfort and Dustin Mikush volunteering their time to make the ice, all that was left was a place to stay. Board member Dwight Pomedli arranged a private house for the team, and the with that, the final piece of the puzzle was in place.

With isolation a large concern for the team, only the board was made aware of the project but Wadena still stepped up with excellent hospitality. The team was offered meals and the boys were also very happy with cuisine from the local restaurants in addition to the “Excellent Facility”. The two weeks consisted of two a day practices with the team letting themselves into the facility after the ice makers left. They practiced and headed straight back to the house.

Club President Dane Ward said “It is a honour and privilege for our club to give Team Saskatchewan a practice facility to help their chances of bringing the Tankard home.”

Icemaker Scott Comfort said “It was an experience I will never forget and I only wish we could have told more people. Knowing the support of curling in Wadena I am sure the place would have been packed just to watch them practice. It was fun to work with the team to try make our small town clubs ice as close to Brier ice as possible.” Dustin Mikush, who started this whole process said when it was all done “When I first texted Matt I thought maybe they would come for a day or two. I didn’t expect this. I can’t wait to watch Team Dunstone represent the Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club at this year’s Tim Hortons Brier. Bring home the gold boys!”
The club would like to thank all those that offered their support, from the local members, ice makers, RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty, and to the team for being such gracious guests. Good luck to Team Dunstone! GO GREEN!