Quill Plains Chevrolet Premier League Seeded round

Posted by Wadena RE/MAX Curling Club on Dec 15 2021 at 12:32PM PST

After one full Round Robin the Quill Plains Chevrolet Premier League starts is “Seeded” round tonight at 7:00. For the last 3 games of the regular season the top 4 and bottom 4 teams will face each other in a mini round robin. Playoffs are set to start Jan 12 and run 3 consecutive Wednesdays. The last 3 games will be added to the current standing to determine playoff seeding.

After tiebreakers based on head to head the following seeding was as follows:
Seed 1: 5-2 Greg Harcourt RJ Sales and Service
Seed 2: 5-2 Jayden Bindig Lakeside Agro
Seed 3: 5-2 Scott Comfort Kenzie Seeds/RE/MAX BCR
Seed 4: 4-3 Dwight Pomedli Pomedli Farms
Seed 5: 4-3 Delores Syrota
Seed 6: 2-5 Cory Carter Schulte Industries
Seed 7: 2-5 Garry Leach Brendonn Holdings/Kenzie Seeds
Seed 8: 1-6 Brian Nelson Wadena Drugs/Wadena Co-op

Tonights Games: (7:00)
Sh1 Harcourt RJ Sales and Service vs Pomedli Pomedli Farms
Sh 2 Bindig Lakeside Agro vs Comfort Kenzie Seeds/RE/MAX BCR
Sh 3 Syrota vs Nelson Wadena Drugs/Wadena Co-op
Sh 4 Leach Brendonn Holdings/Kenzie Seeds vs Carter Schulte Industries


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